14 February 2015


I've been working on a very exciting project with year 2 graphics and animation students, creating motion graphics pieces using stats from the university website. There will be three pieces in total, about Huddersfield, the University, and the courses. Each student is creating ten seconds of animation, in four hours, and a wipe to cut between the stats. The clips will then be edited together to form one long composite piece, and then, hopefully projected onto the big screen that projects onto the front of the main design building. Clips and links and photographs all to follow. The first workshop happened last week and I'm really pleased with the outcomes, there was loads of great work and I was impressed by the speed of production, especially in Illustrator.

The idea is based on this piece I created towards the end of my time at BBC Sport. It was created using a series of very simple scenes, animating using the text presets in After Effects. And then all cut together using a series of very simple wipes, like it would be constructed in an edit suite.

BBC Sport: Arsenal in Numbers

The students work is being constructed in exactly the same way. It's an interesting process that works well with collaboration, and I would like to explore it more. The text presets went down very well, it's the first time we have used them in the workshops.

Here are pictures of the data packs that have been created for each group. Each has a key colour which should help to link the separate pieces into a themed longer work. The final clips will each be between 2 and 5 minutes long.